Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daughters of The King Slumber Party

Every great girl party has chocolate, and it flowed freely at our daughters of the King slumber party!

Airin, Courtney, and I did a little sampling as we prepared.  Yum!

Here are some of the girls as they arrived for the party.  Aren't they precious princesses?  We have been doing a study on purity with the girls, and Airin wanted to treat them to a special night of pampering a girl time to show them how special they really are.

Danielle was in the kitchen for a very long time it seemed.  So worth it for her fruit and pizza kabob.

Hailey really enjoyed the facial.  She finally found a use for a green vegetable.

Pedicures for everyone!  I was a little jealous.  The girls went on and on about how great their feet felt!  MacKenzy and I had to steal a few peeks at the Cardinals game as it went 20 innings!
I suspected that MacKenzy was asleep at this point because I have a picture of her sleeping at Xtreme just  like this!  She had only been sitting there for 5 minutes...and they called me old. Ha!

So.... all was going well.  We had eaten, pampered ourselves, and laughed more than I have in a very long time.  Then things took a turn.  The lights suddenly went out!  I noticed that the street lights were still on, so I braced myself for what I thought was happening, but I was not prepared!  Courtney said, "This is where the person comes in to kill us."  The other Courtney goes to the window and looks out.  She screams,"There's someone out there!"  The rest is kind of a blur.  There was a lot of screaming and pushing as we all jumped up and ran down the hall.  Sadly, I totally forgot I had a child there and left her behind to fend for herself. 

Enter the intruders......

Okay, some people have a fear of clowns.  I personally fear Hillary!  They came after us down the hall and all we could do was scream and wait for it to be over.  I'm pretty sure if we had been in a movie I would have been yelling at us asking why we went to the window and why we ran down the hall instead of out the back door!  It was so crazy!

Dustin, Brock, and Terry are no longer my friends!

We laughed and carried on for an hour over that experience before we finally got rid of them for good.  It was one crazy night!

The girls wore their tiaras to Sunday morning service and the pastor had them share what they were doing.  What a great time for them.  Lots of memories.  Thank you Airin for being a wonderful hostess and serving these girls the way you did!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

After the Fall

I've been leading our Wed. night youth group through a study based on the movie "After the Fall."  It has been really amazing to see the kids get involved with the study and share their thoughts and ideas.  So much better than seeing them just sit there with a blank look on their face.   I'm learning right along with them and trying to put what I've learned into practice.  It seems to be a daily challenge for me, but I'm trying.   I love being with these kids! 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Wanna Ride!

Well, I guess cake just wasn't a big enough reward for going smoke free.  James and Tyler went to "look" at bikes today and came home with a four wheeler!  It's actually a gift for the whole family since we can all ride it.  Hailey is really excited because it doesn't have a clutch.  She's been waiting a long time for a new bike that she can actually ride.  They will have tons of fun riding together now.

Hailey was just waking up from a nap when they got home.
Tyler was tearin' it up!

It didn't take her long to wake up and hop on!

Even Grandma Janie took it for a spin.  Now she wants one for her birthday.

So fun!  I'm not very brave on it yet!